Michael Buble (the last dance for me)

A                                                              E
You can dance, every dance for the guy who gives you the eye, let him hold you tight.
A                                                             E
You can smile, every smile for the man who held your hand ‘neath the palemoonlight.


E          D                                     A                E
But dont forget whos takin’ you home and in whos arms you’re gonna be.
E                                 A
sooo darlin save the last dance for me.
A                                                      E
Oh i no, that the music’s fine like sparkin’ wine go and have your fun.
E                                                           A
Laugh and sing, but while where apart dont give your heart to anyone.


A                   E
Baby dont you know i love you so,
E                       A
cant you feel it when we touch.
A                E
I will never ever let you go,
E                 A
cause i love oh so much

 A                                                            E
You can dance, go and carry on til the night has gone and its time to go.
E                               A
If he asks if your all, you must tell him no



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